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Special Sessions:

S01: Climate Change Impact Assessments and Adaptation on Water Resources (E. Nakakita, N. Mori, K. Tanaka, T. Takemi, Y. Tachikawa, H. Tatano, and T. Kitano)

S02: Conflict Resolution in Responsible Governance of Water Resources and Environmental Systems (K.W. Hipel, L. Fang, J. Giesy and Y. Xiao)

S03: Irrigation Modelling at Catchment Scale (J. Dietrich, B. Uniyal, and Y. Chen)

S04: Participatory and Coupled Socio-Economic and Biophysical Modelling for Water Resources and Environmental Management (J. Adamowski, J. Malard, and M.A.Inam)

S05: Water Resources Economics (R. Brouwer)

S06: Smart Water: Information Sharing and Intelligent Management Systems (J. Ma)

S07: Dam Operations and Safety Analysis Using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Bayesian Networks (K. Ponnambalam and J. Mousavi)

S08: Risk Management of Water-Related Disasters in Cities (Q. Dai, D. Han and S. Zhang)

S09: Water-Energy-Food-Carbon Nexus in Urban and Regional Metabolism (S. Chen and S. Liang)

S10: Agricultural Water Management: Irrigation, Drainage, and the Environment Issues (Z. Qi, J. Xu and S. Prasher)

S11: Data Assimilation (A. Heemink, A. Scott and K. Ponnambalam)

S12: Environment-constrained Decision Making and Evaluation in Business Operations (S. He, Y. Guan and H. Xu)

S13: The Interaction Effect among Surface Water, Groundwater and Seawater and Its Socio-Economic Impacts (K. Yin, Y. Hao and X. Li)

S14: Land-Ocean Interaction Processes and the Integrated Coastal Zone Environmental Management (K. Lei and H. Wang)

S15: Construction, Operation and Management for Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering (Z. Wang, G. Yang and D. Zheng)

S16: National-wide Coordinated Security of Water-Energy-Food Nexus (H. Wang and G. Liu)

S17: Grey Techniques with Applications to Water Resources Management and Environmental Systems (D. Luo, X. Dai, C. Wang, M. Ma, Y. Dang, N. Xie and J. Wang)

S18: Climate Change Impact on Water Resources (E. McBean and J. Huang)

General Sessions:

G01: Aquatic Environmental Risk Management

G02: Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources

G03: Development and Operations of Hydraulic Projects

G04: Effective Development and Utilization of Water Resources

G05: Fair Water Allocation

G06: Health Assessment and Management of Rivers and Lakes

G07: Hydro-Ecology and Aquatic Environment Protection

G08: Institutional Innovation in River and Lake Management

G09: Inter-basin Water Transfer

G10: Maritime Economics and Management

G11: Prevention of and Recovery from Water Disasters

G12: Smart Water Services

G13: Surface and Groundwater Pollution Control

G14: Water Conflict and Decision Making

G15: Water Resources Management and Green Development